Mopping: Maybe the New Weight Loss Regimen

So last night was supposed to be a relaxing evening, a little ice cream, some little kids, and hanging with my fiancé. Little did I realize that mopping flashbacks would come rushing back.

It all started when my fiancé had some issues with her cleaning service at work, I was there, I asked her if she needed any help, and she asked me to mop a room. And then another room. And then the hallway. And then another room. And then I dumped the mop bucket full of water on the floor. And then I mopped that up. And then I mopped the rest of the hallway. And I was sore.

You see, I haven’t done that much mopping since college where I lived in a fraternity house, and we did our own cleaning. One of the tasks was mopping, and one was buffing. Mopping was kind if boring, but buffing could be done with a beer in your hand, if you were good, and oh, I was so good. But after mopping last night I realized that I used muscles that probably haven’t been used in that way in about 20+ years, kinda like how you feel if you go swimming in the ocean after not having been in the water for five years.

But it was a good workout, though I don’t really think I want to add it to my repertoire, especially since there isn’t the option of blaring my music loud enough to hear all around the hallway, and I don’t see buffing the floors, beer in hand, being allowed.

This is my weight loss plan… Get you own!