Paint the Fence, er, well, Wall.

So today’s exercise plan was all about blue, twilight blue to be exact, and it was because my fiance needed some painting done.  The initial problem began a week ago when the place she works at needed some touch-up painting done.  There were some dents in the wall, some scrapes, and to make things look nice the plan was to just get some touch-up paint and bam, the work would be done.  The color was supposed to be twilight blue from Benjamin Moore, so the paint was procured, and low and behold, there is no way in hell that the original painter used twilight blue because, well, our twilight blue, the prescribed twilight blue, was a darker shade of blue.  So as we touched up the dents and dings, and the paint dried a darker color, the wall looked great, if it were in your kids room, painted by them, and they were proud of it.

But for a place where the wall is supposed to be one color, ugh, the walls looked like crap, so today it was off to the Benjamin Moore store to buy a lot of twilight blue paint, and it was time to climb a step-stool a lot of times (making it my own, personal Stair-Master, sort of), there was a lot of edging involved, which involved a lot of stretching, and then there was the proverbial “Up and down,” a la “Paint the fence,” you know, the phrase made famous from “The Karate Kid.”  Speaking of which, did you know that they are making a re-make, this time starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, and I was trying to remember what happened to Ralph Macchio, but then I remembered one of his last movies was Artie Lange’s “Beer League” (Get well Artie, by the by).  Anywho, today was a lot about climbing, a lot about stretching, a lot about painting the fence, er, well, wall, and then, what the hell, a nice end to a day of painting on Saturday – a French Martini!  Umm, girlie martinis, because…

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!