One Month, Almost Done

January is nearly over and I should probably look at that as a reason to look back, reflect on my weight loss plan so far, see what is working and what is not, but I don’t think I have to look all of the way back, I really just need to look forward, to actually do things I’ve officially blown off for about a month, and I just can’t do that anymore.

So what have I blown off for a month? Well, in terms of my actual weight loss plan, one of the things I’ve kept pushing aside has been the actual exercise portion of the plan. Sure, I’ve been using my directLife thingy diligently, and have been hitting the weekly goals, but I can tell, at least from the increase in needed activity, that the exercise portion will have to take hold in order to meet the increased goals that the directLife people have for me.  So, February 1, phase 2nd month begins where exercise becomes a definite portion of my plan.  I’ve become smarter about my food, and have been pretty good about it, so it’s time to move, literally.

Another thing I’ve been lax on during January, and part of it was because I a) wanted to see if I actually kept this up, and 2) See (a), was in integrating the social media portion of this weight loss plan into action.  Yes, I tweet, but I only follow the two trainers from The Biggest Loser and a doctor, so to increase my knowledge, and things to try, it’s time to expand my social universe while I’m on this message.  As such I hope to be adding people I follow on Twitter, hopefully have people follow me, and re-design the website just a tad to make it a little more me.

So January is nearly over, and month 2 of my weight loss plan is about to begin.  February, in my head right now, will be all about the exercise, or at least exercising, during…

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!