The Muffin Meals Have Begun!

So I blogged the other day about a new way to make sandwiches, namely using an English Muffin instead of two slices of bread, and I’ve got to say that so far I’m liking it, and I can’t really tell the difference in belly-filling substance.  Yesterday was sliced turkey breast sandwich on an English Muffin, and today was a chicken breast.  Sure, I had to stack the chicken breast, but it was small to begin with so it all seemed to work well.

So sure, that was kind of healthy, but the title of this post actually says another part of lunch the infiltrated my weight loss plan, and that is a tiny, little, mini muffin.  This came about because the other day at the local Jewel Grocery Store my fiance had a hankering for a muffin, actually for an entire set of muffins in various tasty choices.  But these were the giant muffins, straight from the bakery section of the grocery store, and she flipped to realizing those might not be the most healthiest of choices, much to my dismay.  But she did put in my head the idea about the mini-muffins, pretty much about two bites worth of a muffin, and the other day I found them at the grocery, and did some looking.  Sure, I admit a muffin isn’t probably the healthiest of things, but one, little, mini muffin only has about 80 calories depending on if you are going for the banana/nut or 90 if you head for the chocolate one, but as a snack, suddenly I am becoming “Muffin Man”, or what I’m shooting for, “Mini Muffin Man,” because…

This is my weight loss plan…  Get your own!!!