A Day Late, Not a Dollar Short

I wanted to post yesterday, I really did, but for whatever reason my body was just totally wiped out and I ended up going to bed even earlier than yesterday.  I have to say that the extra sleep did do this body a little bit of good, but I am still a little tired, and I’m almost worried that I might be picking up some kind of cold.  Hmm?  I’m going to have to work on that – might be time for some orange juice instead of coffee, although that means a calorie increase so that would also mean I would have to exercise more to combat that, but then if I’m getting sick exercise is the last thing I really want to do.  Damn, I make this weight loss stuff so complicated, sometimes!

I did come to one realization yesterday that I wanted to post this morning, and that is I might have found an easy way to shave a couple of hundred calories from my diet, and that is simply changing my sandwiches from the seven grain bread I usually use, with mayo, to either a wrap, or for maybe a little more substance, an English Muffin.  I was taking a peak at the calorie content and my two slices of bread come out around 240 calories, while an English muffin only has 120.  If I switch to mustard instead of mayo that’s another 70 or 80 calories, and since the English muffin is smaller by initial design, that would also mean less meat on the sandwich, thereby, a couple of hundred calories saved.  The question is will I notice the difference in my belly?

So, I think tomorrow I might switch my sandwiches from seven grain bread to an English muffin, because…

This is my weight loss plan…  Get your own!