D-Day: March 12th

And so my doctor has given me about a month and a half, or else the big guns come out.

Okay, there aren’t really any weapons coming out; No, my doctor hasn’t really threatened me with gun violence; But yes, she was disappointed that I haven’t made better progress in my weight loss since the last time I saw her, and thus, can’t gauge if doing so will help my blood pressure drop a bit.  It’s not that my blood pressure is horrible, it’s just that it isn’t great, and it’s borderline the point of taking some medication.  Ugh.

I guess not really ugh, I guess I’m actually more disappointed in myself than she were in me, but it does make me look at the fact that maybe my weight loss plan shouldn’t have included procrastinating so long on starting the exercise portion of the plan.  I mean, there I was supposed to start this simple, 10-minute a day exercise plan, but no, I’ve been to lazy and making excuses.  I mean, sure, I do have the directLife thingy in my pocket all of the time, and usually hit the 100% mark, but I know I could be doing so much better, able to eclipse 120% easily, yet there I am struggling to get to 100%.

I guess it’s time to start listening to what I should do a little bit more and actually doing it, rather than what I want to do, or at least want to do in a few weeks.  I suppose the doctor visit today was a wake up call, that I better hit the exercise bike for 30 minutes rather than funk around with a 10 minute plan, and that, well, I guess I should have started my weight loss plan earlier, maybe say before Thanksgiving, but…

This is my weight loss plan…  Get your own!