Chocolate Cheerios?

As my supply is running low on Count Chocula again, and I know we bought the last four boxes at Meijer the last time I was there and I’m concerned that they aren’t going to stock it again until Halloween, I was beginning to ponder my breakfast options again.  I was thinking I could go back to my McDonald’s breakfast, which consisted solely of one Egg McMuffin. Then, the other day, I saw that the same dude who knew my order and car still was working at the Burger King drive through, so maybe I would go back to the Croissanwich thing.  Sure, I was in a “2 eggs and a piece of toast” phase for quite a while, but my fiance got me off of the my daily egg fix and back into cereal.

Now I was, for a while, a Cheerios man, but then, as I’ve posted before, Count Chocula has become the cereal of choice for me, but there is always the fear of not being able to but it.

But then my fears may be over.  Why? Because as I was walking through the grocery store today I saw it, a General Mills cereal box labeled “Chocolate Cheerios.” I didn’t think it was possible, hell, I’m wondering if it is even any good, but there it was so I bought a box, and if I like it, well, the next time someone asks me what I have for breakfast I can simply say “Cheerios” and not have to give my always detailed explanation of how Count Chocula has nearly the same nutritional content as Honey Nut Cheerios, because guess what, Chocolate Cheerios are just about the same and I like chocolate so much more than I like honey.

And if you are a reader and wonder if I’m avoiding writing about my exercising, well, you are astute, but that will wait until tomorrow, when I’m hoping to be a little more back on track, until then…

This is my weight loss plan…  Get your own!