It’s The Biggest Loser Night, Time for Ice Cream!

I was going to write about how yes, yesterday, I did my 10 minute workout, and as I’m supposed to, today wasn’t a workout day. I am so intending to continue the workout tomorrow, but instead of writing about that I figured I would cop to the fact that yes, it’s a Tuesday night, The Biggest Loser is on, and I am eating ice cream. I guess that makes me a member of The Biggest Loser Loser Club, however, in my weight loss plan that’s okay because as I’m tracking my food intake via DailyBurn, I always check what I have left for the day, and if ice cream will fit into the balance, so be it. And today, it did.

You see, part of my weight loss plan isn’t to starve myself, nor get totally rid of some of the things I like, and, well, I like ice cream. So, for tonight, that’s it for now. It’s back to Bob, Jillian, and Moose Tracks, because

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!