Okay, White Castle Wasn't Really Part of the Plan

In the world of dieting, getting healthy, and just all around “foods not to ever to be included if you are trying to lose weight,” well, I’m guessing a White Castle Cheeseburger, or four, aren’t in any books.  And I suppose that is why this is my weight loss plan because yes, today, I had some White Castle Cheeseburgers, four of them to be exact, and they were good.

Now I know they slyder is a taste to be acquired, but I love them.  This one I am blaming definitely on college where during Greek Week (yup, I’m a fraternity member – go Theta Xi!), there was an event called the Slyder Snarf, and well, the goal was to eat five White Castle Hamburgers as quickly as possible, complete with a can of carbonated beverage.  There were many different ways to complete this goal – some people did the “Bite and Swallow” method, where you essentially would eat the slyder in four bites, and then there was the “Mush It All Together” method where you would pour the soda on the five burgers, mash them up, and then drink/slurp them down.  The only wrinkle in accomplishing this feat was generally the pickles, not the easiest of food items to mush/slide/eat, but alas, the speed at which people, including myself, could polish off five slyders was sometimes unbelievable.

The thing is, ever since then, I’ve had an affinity for the Slyder, and every now and then, yup, just like the commercial, I get a crave, and it just so happened that today was one of those craves.

Now, as I’m typing this, my fiance doesn’t know about that part of my diet today, and I’m hoping she goes to bed soon because as much as I do love the little gut-bombs, there is a reason for the name “Slyder,” and the leftover effect is one best not being awake for, but tonight the trumpets will probably be sounding, I’m just hoping not to loudly.

So yes, I have to say, as I started my plan this year I kind of told myself “Self, White Castle’s should not be in this plan,” but you know what, they were tasty, I only had four instead of my normal six, I didn’t feel that guilty about it, and

This is my weight loss plan…  Get your own!