Can Stress Cause Itching?

I’m a weird dude, at least sometimes I think I am.  And sometimes I also think that my mind has its own twisted way of telling me that I’m stressed.  There was a time when the stress was localized in my back, but then I heard about a book called “Healing Back Pain” by Dr. John Sarno, on the Howard Stern Show.  With it I can generally tell when I’m letting things bottle-up as my back will twist, contort, or mostly just jab me with pain.  But over the years I’ve gotten pretty good at realizing what was causing the pain, and thus able to tell my mind to let it go, but sometimes, and least I’m saying this is why, when my mind releases the pain in my back, it manifests the stress somewhere else, or at least it seems I get itchy.  This used to hit me just above my beltline, on my right side, and I’d get all itchy, but lately, for no explainable reason (I was worried I was getting allergic to my Count Chocula, but I think I can cross that out) my legs have been itchy, at least sometimes.  I tried to blame my laptop being warm, that it was somehow interacting with my legs, and I tried to blame some medication, but lately I’m thinking that I’m just manifesting some stress in a different location.

So what does this have to do with my weight loss plan?  Well, yes, like probably all of you, I’ve read that exercise can help reduce stress, and lately, with some things going on, my stress level has been kind of high. Sure, you would think that would help me focus on my exercise portion of my weight loss plan, but sadly, this being my plan, I keep blowing it off, but then again, not exercising is actually starting to cause me some stress.

I’m thinking next week will finally be the time to work on my stress, or at least exercise, because

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!