My Weight Loss Plan Starts Exercising Tomorrow

Okay, fine, it’s Monday, and most normal people will start their exercise program on a Monday, but I didn’t.  I know, I’m not normal, but that’s okay.  You see, it was one of those Mondays when the night before I didn’t sleep that well, and I was worried about mixing up my colder blood and warmer blood too quickly this morning, so, alas, I kind of wanted to test how an old, “normal” day in the life of Andy was, and, well, it wasn’t that great and I can see why I need to do some exercising indoors, especially during these cold, winter months.

Yup, normally I think I would able to kick butt on these “being more active” goals, especially if the weather were more conducive to outdoor walks, but damn, it’s cold out, and I’m talking “I’ve been living in Chicago for 20+ years and this is still damn cold” out.

So, tomorrow, you WILL get to read how my first official day of 10 minute breakthroughing goes because starting on a Tuesday is when I start my exercising.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!