Up In The Air - Good Movie, Use the Stairs

Coming off of my success yesterday, I was a little worried  about how today would go (and I’m not going to go into how the food eating portion of my diet plan is going – let’s just say that it needs some work), especially since a movie date was planned with my fiance.  What was my hope, though was that our trip to the mall would hold enough walking time to keep me on track.

Now I have to say that I’m not totally sure if it was the walking at the mall, my fake jogging through the parking lot, or the walking in the grocery store, but low and behold, it was another banner day hitting 122% of my daily goal, and that included seeing “Up In The Air,” the George Clooney movie (which is very good by the way), but I have to say that something that might have helped was, as my fiance and I were looking for seats, I suggest some towards the top of the balcony section, thereby securing some more stair time for the day, especially since I also had to take a trip to the bathroom before the movie started, so 2x the stairs for me.

Tomorrow is Monday, and I’m really hoping to start the 10 minute breakthrough thing, but can I really start an exercise program on a Monday?  I guess well wait and see because…

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!