At Least I Walked the Dog

So today turned out to be another snow day for me, and you would think that with a device in my pocket that tells me how active I am, and some extra free time, I would have no problem topping the 100% mark. Sadly that’s not the case today. I ended up going back to bed when I found out my day was a snow day, I spent the morning waiting for the furnace guy to keep me warm, and then, thankfully, Milo and I went for a walk (and it was, thankfully, a longer walk than normal on a winter day).

And then my computer came.

I’ve been doing some work on a website I have, and have been toying with changing some software, so what better thing to do than do some research. And research I did, and before i knew it, well, it was six hours later and I pretty much didn’t move from in front of my computer screen. You can say I’m not focused when I want to be!

As I type this, though, a day like today did remind me that as I go on this journey of trying to get healthier, I can stay focused when I want to, and also that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to sometimes take a break from sitting in front of my computer sometimes and maybe walk around a little bit.

I have been told that I might make up for my lack of movement today with a trip to Walmart over the weekend, and I am back on my “Count Chocula” breakfast program as I have finished getting rid of the half-finished boxes of other stuff, but that’s a topic for another day because it’s bedtime, and….

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!