Wow, I Don't Do Squat, or Squats for That Matter

I was a slug on New Year's

So this morning I plugged in my DirectLife thingy into my computer, the website came up announcing my assessment period was done, and it told me that I really don’t do crap all day.  There it was, staring me in the face, simple graphs showing me that I spend a lot of time during the day doing nothing, that I need to walk Milo a hell of a lot more, and that on New Year’s Day I was pretty much just a complete slug.  Then, because I’m a nut, I started analyzing each of the days of my assessment, especially because it breaks things down to every minute of the day.  I checked Sunday, a pretty good day on the “Get Moving” front what with a trip to Wal-Mart with my fiance and all; There it was, yup, I woke up, that’s where I drove to work, that’s when I went to get the mail, and, I wondered if I could plug it in and analyze a day as it was going along and sure enough, there was today.

Guess when I took Milo for a walk!

You can see I woke up early, in the 4am hour, because that’s when my fiance woke up.  There was a little blurb as I got breakfast ready, you can see that Milo got fed in the 8 o’clock hour, and then “Bam!”, yup, around 2 o’clock I took Milo for a walk, and the scary thing is that if when I analyzed that hour you can see when I took Milo out, when I tried to take his picture, when I came in and got him undressed, and then how I went out to get the garbage cans.

I don’t know whether or not to be scared or inspired.

I also received an e-mail from my “coach” introducing himself this afternoon, so I’ll be interested to see how that aspect works, but right now I’m thinking I might have to put a music stand or something for my keyboard to rest on so I can just be moving all day.  It was really almost depressing seeing long stretches, as I was doing some computer work, where it looked like the thing is broken.

The exercise will kick into gear next week for sure, but right now I’m just trying not to have an hour on the daily graph where it  looks like I’m dead because…

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!