A Snow Day!

Jerry TaftWith the Chicago area supposed to get anywhere from 4 inches to a foot of snow depending on whose weather forecast you believe (I’m trusting Jerry Taft on Channel 7 more and more, lately), one of the companies that I do some business consulting for has decided to be proactive and close its office tomorrow, and with that I get a snow day!  Now this is much to the dismay of my fiance, or I think she would just like to get an unscheduled day to be with me, but sometimes she’ll throw out a “it would be nice if…” phrase when I have a day at home.  Me, though, I’m already putting my plan of attack for things to get done, and sadly I don’t think anywhere in that list is cleaning the bathroom.

You see, I think tomorrow will be a great day to consolidate, or at least try organize, my internet life.  Why?  It occurred to me as I was checking my twitter.com/dudeonright account that I think I’m done trying to be anonymous all over the internet, in my various internet identities, and my life would probably be easier if I grouped places I check for stuff into their appropriate categories.  The problem is that in doing so I also have to shift some “friends” around.  I mean, for some of my entertainment twitter people, my dudeonright account works best, but for my twitter.com/myweightplan site, I should shift some of the exercise people in the entertainment side to the exercise side so that I don’t get double-twitted.  Then again, the other issue is if I should have multiple twitter accounts, because doesn’t everyone in the world want to know what I ate today, and don’t the people who pay attention to my weight loss goals want to know that Avatar is a good movie?

Okay, so I’ve want to do some consolidating of my life, I think I’m also going to be doing some website work, and tomorrow is my last “observation” day for my DirectLife thingy, so come Friday the exercising will begin.  But is Friday really a good day to start exercising?  I might have to revisit my exercise starting up because…

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!