A Couple of Days and No More Excuses

Philips DirectLifeAnd so I still wait.

Yes, as of January 1st I have been tracking my food (you can find me on DailyBurn, and hey, I could use some motivating), I have been reading about the exercises I’m supposed to do for my “10 Minute Total Body Breakthrough” once I start, but mostly I’ve been itching to really get exercising.  The problem is that I can’t.  No, it’s not that I’m injured, and sure, I’m inherently lazy which is probably part of my getting healthy issue, but in lieu of a FitBit that my fiance and I saw one morning on the CBS Sunday Morning show, I ended up getting a DirectLife from Philips.  It’s not that I didn’t think the FitBit would do the job, but quite frankly I was tired of waiting for an order confirmation due to their shipment delays (I originally ordered one back in early October, and they were still backordered as of my official cancellation a little over a week ago).  But I ordered a DirectLife thingy, which sure, it’s a fancy pedometer, but it also comes with some form of motivation, or at least some person who will supposedly e-mail me and tell me I’m doing well, or push me to do better, and I got it last week.  Yay, just in time to kick some exercise butt!

The thing is that for the first week that I’ve had this thing I am in what is called the “assessment” period.  During this period I’m supposed to act like my old, normal self, not doing anything extra, parking as close as possible to the store like I normally do, only walking Milo, our dog, the normal amount, and just being, well, my 2009 self.  I’m not supposed to get up and exercise yet, I’m not supposed to walk a little bit further, and I have to say, that for someone who is looking to get 2010 off to a “get healthier” start, it just feels weird not really doing that.

But, the good news is that after popping the thingy into its cool, magnetic computer dock, I’m told my assessment period only has 2 days left, which means sometime Thursday or Friday I can actually start trying to do more. I’m wondering what that might be?  Will I park further away from the door to the grocery store, especially in the freezing cold we have been having?  Will I take Milo for a longer walk in the freezing cold (good thing he has his cute little coat), or will I just experiment with this idea that you can work out for only 10 minutes a day.

Who knows!?!  The thing I do know is that in 2 days I will have no excuse to start exercising, that is unless we get the snowstorm the weatherman are forecasting.  Sure, then I could shovel some snow, but I’m already paying people to do that.  Hmm? Mabye I’ll build a snowman, instead.  Guess we’ll wait and see because…

This is my weight loss plan…  Get your own!