30 grams is More Than I Thought

I’ve never really weighed my food before. I mean sure, when I go to the store I’ll ask for a half a pound of turkey, or something like that (My best was when I would go to the deli counter and ask the lady to give me three bags, 1/3 lb each, of something like the honey ham so I could easily just make a sandwich without making a one pound Dagwood sandwich instead, but I’m sorry, I digress). This morning, though, I pulled out this little scale my fiancĂ© had brought with her that we never used, okay, I’ve never used, and as I was putting lunch together, part of it was pretzel sticks, and I was curious because the serving size said it was 30 grams, only totaling 110 calories, and I figured it would be this measly little pile of pretzel sticks. So I put a few sticks on the scale and it didn’t go up very much. I added a few more. Suddenly I had this nice, little pile of pretzel sticks, a pile that was more than satisfying in my lunch, giving me just enough pretzelly goodness to make my lunch a little treat!

I kind of like this little scale, at least right now on the initial run, because the one serving they actually suggest, at least for pretzels, isn’t so bad. I’m sure there will come a time when I stare at the scale and just say “That’s it? It’s got to be more than that. I’ll bet the scale is wrong. Maybe I’ll change the batteries.” But for now 20 grams is a lot of little pretzels. Who knew?

Today that’s it for my weight loss plan… Get your own!