A Steak Dinner and Count Chocula

No, I did not have Count Chocula with my steak dinner, but tonight, being Sunday, I was in the mood for steak and my fiance even seemed to be in the mood for a steak.  Now me, in the past, would have headed straight for a giant Porterhouse, usually one pound +, but I do have to admit that I tend to not get crazy with the steak anymore since I met her (well, not all of the time, anyway), so instead we opted for a couple of strip steaks, at around 8oz each.  Sure, it wasn’t the most healthy of meals, but sometimes I do really like a steak, and as  go on the journey through the year, my weight loss plan isn’t about giving up everything I love, but more making sure that, if some of those things aren’t that great for me, that they get treated in terms of a little more moderation than might have been done last year, so, as such, a nice steak dinner that was probably about 800 calories less than one I used to have.

Now as far as the Count Chocula goes, my cereal choice may seem weird, but it is based on the fact that I do love a good bowl of the Count, but also that in comparison with Honey Nut Cheerios, well, they pretty much match up.  The thing is for the longest time I couldn’t find Count Chocula so it fell off of my cereal radar, but around Halloween last year, low and behold it found itself back to the store shelves.  The problem now is that since Halloween is long gone, well, it is finding itself not on the store shelves anymore, but I found four boxes at the local Meijer, bought them all so I’m set for January, and now I have to just hope they stock back up.  With that I guess we’ll see, or if things aren’t going that great in the weight loss front at the end of the month, well, I might have to adjust to the basic Cheerio, but that will be a decision for the end of the month.

I have the website pretty much how I want it right now, tomorrow I hope to follow some more “healthy” oriented folks on Twitter, and it’s only a few more days that I can start the exercise portion of my plan.  I know that sounds wrong, that I should just start now, but that reason will be a topic in a day or so.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!