The Family Dinners Are Over for Awhile

And so Christmas has come to a close today, I suppose, as the tree and the decorations were put away, and me and my fiance went to what should be the last family get together for a spell.  I do like her family, it’s different with her having a large family, while I come from a pretty small lot, so the conversations really go on quite a bit, on topics far and wide.  It was still a day for paying a little more attention to things, tracking my food, and letting my little DirectLife doodad record how active I have been today, but I am getting anxious to see what the thing says.  The weird thing, and I’m sure they have some reason, is the DirectLife people don’t let you see how active you’ve been until after it observes you for about a week.  I want to know now!  But, since the exercise portion of my getting healthy doesn’t officially start until next week, I guess it might be a good thing, anyway.

In any case, dinner was good tonight, being a vegetarian meal for my fiance’s brother and sister in law, with mostly pastas and such, and the eggplant parmesan was yummy, though I do have a hunkering for a big, juicy steak.  Guess we’ll see when I have that, again.

Oh well, the web site is coming along, and is almost how I want it, but I might need to add some different pictures, and I’m slowly adding to people I follow on twitter, so now I’m sort of looking forward to people who follow me.  Should be interesting where this journey takes me.

This is my weight loss plan… get your own!