211.8: And So It Begins

January 1st. Yup, New Years Day. That day to make resolutions, goals, and for me, the day I decided I would officially start this blog. Why? I’m not totally sure, but as 2009 was wrapping up I knew I wanted to be healthier, especially since I have a beautiful fiancé that I want to spend many years with. And it’s not that I’m horribly out of shape, I mean if I were a contestant on The Biggest Loser my goal to win would mean I would weigh about 105 pounds by the end of the year, but like a lot of people, I’ve got a few pounds to lose and some muscle to build, and since I do like to write, to tweet, to read, and to search the internet, I figure it might help me keep my focus so that, at the end of 2010, my weight will actually be in the “healthy” portion of that ugly height v weight chart, which means, for me, getting down to about 165 pounds.

So to start, this morning, I weighed myself.  Yup, I pooped and peed beforehand, so maybe it’s skewed a bit, but my scale told me I weighed 211.8 pounds.  Holy crap, that means I need to lose about 47 pounds in 2010!  Wow, that seems like a lot!  I better get started!

Now, sure, I should get fully started, but my weight loss plan is to work in stages, and right now I’m in Stage “It’s January 1st.  Starting today is so cliche!”  So, in coordination with my fiance, we decided the eating healthier portion of 2010 won’t start until Monday, but even then it’s probably more about portion control rather than the foods we eat, so that journey will be interesting.  But, right now, I am in “observation” mode, at least for my Philips Directlife gadget (sorry, Fitbit, but I’ve been waiting too long for that “we can ship you one now” e-mail), I’m in “reading” mode about a 10 minute exercise program I’m thinking of starting on Monday morning, and I’m in “getting back in the habit of tracking my food calories in/calories out” mode by restarting the tracking of my food on my DailyBurn app.  Like any plan, it’s a start, and this is how I’m starting mine.

The thing is, I don’t want you to follow my weight loss plan, and I suppose that’s the end purpose of this blog, because I’m not a doctor/dietitian/expert, so I can’t give you advice that might work for you; all I can do is write about what seems to work for me, or maybe find a link or two to places you can find other information so that you can help yourself, or at least do it yourself, because really, I’m the only person that can do this for me, and you’re the only person who can do it for you.

So that’s it for my first post.  It’s New Year’s Day, I’m watching football, and yes, I did eat some pizza.  That’s part of my weight loss plan… get your own.