Another Couple of Pounds Gone!

So weigh-in was yesterday at the Weight Watchers meeting, and low and behold I lost another couple of pounds! Woohoo!  That puts me down over five pounds so far, and I must say it feels good to say that, and I also must say it hasn’t been overly hard, but it’s a great thing that I’ve got my wife helping me out and cheering me on because it makes a world of difference. The other world of difference, I must say, is actually weighing my food, and than the fruits and vegetables, and it really gives a huge insight into various serving sizes. A serving of Kraft Parmesan Cheese – probably more than you think, while, and you can guess it, appropriate servings of meat, and I’m talking in the four ounce range, are much smaller than you want, but it has really helped, so at this stage, if I had one recommendation, it’s to buy one of those food scales, and start to see how much is too much.

Next week’s weigh-in should be interesting, as I’ve got two instances of eating out, at restaurants that are so good and so filling, but as I’m feeling good about things right now, I’m hoping it won’t be too bad. It definitely wouldn’t be too bad if I got my ass back on the exercise bike, but that’s a plan for next week.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!

Here Comes Another Weigh-In Day

It’s weigh-in day and I have one goal today – figure out if there is any difference in how much I weigh on my scale versus how much I weigh on the Weight Watchers scale. I weighed myself this morning, checking in at 205.8 this morning, and with my personal weigh-in last week at 206.2 that means I lost, well, sure, I know it’s .4 pounds, but that seems like nothing, really. The thing is there are so many factors (I didn’t poop yet, but I did pee) that I really have to keep my mind on the long term goal and that you can be a star every week. Then there is the fact that we weigh-in around 6PM, so my checking my weight this morning is really only for me. My plan, though, is to step on the scale right before I leave for the meeting, and actually write the reading down before I leave so that I don’t forget by the time I get there.

Wish me luck, I’m hoping for a little more than .4 pounds, but as long as I’m going in the right direction, I guess that’s okay!

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!

How Many Points is That?

Okay, I suppose I should just come clean on what “help” I am getting to push me with my weight loss goal, because for the past week or so the postings are kind of vague on what I’m eating and how much. Some of you can probably guess from the title of this post, but simply put, a couple of weeks ago, I joined Weight Watchers. I’m starting with the meeting plan, my wife is helping along, and so far it’s going well because hey, last week I did lose three pounds, and my next weigh-in is tomorrow.

I promise my posts won’t turn into “Weight Watchers this” and “Weight Watchers that,” but you can guess that there will be some analysis of things, some discussions of what I like and don’t, and general trying not to make fun of things too much. The first thing I learned, of course, is this entire “points” concept, or I guess I should say “points plus” concept as the calculation of points changed a little a few years back, which, in basic theory, is just an easier way to count calories, although in a quest for healthier eating, some things have no points (basic fruits and vegetables), so loading up on apples and carrots is always allowed. It’s based on a foods fat content, carbohydrates, fiber, and protein, and in simply terms, is close to one point per forty calories of a food if you are in a bind trying to calculate points of something in a store and don’t want to look like a nerd, pulling out your smartphone to make a calculation. The nicer thing, though, is that I do have to say it is easier to grasp the concept of “43 points,” rather than about 1700 calories, but in the end it’s about portion sizes, and making better choices, or at least if you are going to make that choice that is a little more questionable, say, having a hunkering for an Italian Beef sandwich, if you can get the nutritional value from a website, you will quickly realize that a 5″ beef sandwich with no fries is about 10 points, so it’s probably best not to get an order of fries with it, and even though you may be hungry, don’t bump yourself up to the 7″ version or you may easily use up 1/3 of your points for the day, but the thing is, is you pay attention the rest of the day, you could.

So, today, I’m off again to eat 42 points today (I dropped one allotted point a day when I lost the three pounds, which kind of made me sad), and it started with a bowl of Cheerios and an iced latte – a total of 5 points, or should I say “points plus.” 37 more to go!

This is my weight loss plan (sort of)… Get your own!

At Least Four Servings of Fettuccini

Yesterday was a challenge on the eating side as, to try and help not always pre-planning a meal, it was time to test some willpower and eat out for lunch and dinner, and it’s not that easy. I was thinking about Subway, or Jimmy John’s, as they have some “healthier” options, but I was really craving a burger. I did some looking online and as an adult a Happy Meal from McDonalds isn’t all that bad when it comes to calories (420 if you substitute an unsweetened iced tea for the milk, although, yes, the fat content is pretty crappy), and it ends up being kind of tasty, in a McDonald’s kind of way. As an added bonus – a toy for me to play with, and this time I got me some Spongebob!

Then came dinner and it was really time to test some willpower as it was decided to have a chicken parmesan dinner from a place called Maciano’s in Aurora, IL. We love Maciano’s – They have a great variety of Italian food, give decent portions, and their pizza is awesome, but this night it was time to see how one of our old go-to favorites would work. So I picked up the chicken parm dinner, brought it home, and dissected things a bit. First, the chicken breast wasn’t as big as I thought, only about 7 1/2 ounces so splitting that in two for two servings was that bad, but then came the pasta and it was time to pull out the scale. I know it’s cooked, and had some sauce and cheese mixed in, but as we kept adding it to the scale, it became more and more abundant that there was a lot of pasta, and by best estimation it was a solid four servings, if not more. So it was time to split it up, and as I chopped it into four portions and filled up my plate with what was probably a more healthy serving size, spread out on a smaller plate it looked like a lot of food.

Sure, in the terms of food that is good for you, the Happy Meal and chicken parmesan dinner probably aren’t the optimal, but both were pretty filling, both were tasty, and at the end of the day I didn’t feel stuffed, and yet still satisfied some cravings I have had for a while that carrots and celery just couldn’t satisfy.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!

It's the Weekend, Don't go Food Crazy!

It’s the second weekend of being on a plan with a little help, and if this weekend is anything like last weekend, it will be another insight into the fact that it was usually the weekends that was destroying a lot of the gains I would make in my eating habits during the week. Not that last weekend was that bad, but as I tracked what I was eating a little more, and being honest about the serving sizes, it was easy to see how things added up a little more quickly on Saturday and Sunday, to the point of being way over what I should be eating during the day. Last weekend was good, just a tad over, but that’s okay because you can’t totally deprive yourself, and I believe that, but it’s still important to remember the portion sizes, because that can easily destroy the progress.

So, Happy Friday to all of you, keep up your good work on your weight loss plan, and…

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!

Three Pounds! Yay!

So I weighed in yesterday and lost three pounds! Yay! The thing is it wasn’t that hard, pretty much just eating much more appropriate portion sizes, and not eating some bad choices that might have easily fit into last week. The other good thing is that there weren’t too many challenges along the way, temptations to eat crap, because it was a calm week with things being planned out pretty well, and this week looks mostly the same, except for maybe this weekend, but we’ll get to that more when it happens.

So this post will be a little short, but it did feel good knowing I lost weight, but the next steps will be to slowly shift to not having to even think about “What is the right portion size,” to just automatically knowing, and then the next, totally necessary step – adding some exercise other than walking. Time to clean out the basement area, check out the exercise bike and total gym, and set up a plan to get my ass in gear on them both next week!

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!

It's Weigh-In Day!

So today is weigh-in day. When I went to the first meeting last week my scale said I weighed 211.6 and this morning it says I’m at 206.2, which would mean I lost just over five pounds in this first week of eating more appropriately. I am now curious as to what the scale at the meeting will say, and am also tempted to not eat the rest of the day so I can look more like a star when I get there! But, I know that isn’t the right way to go about this, so I will eat my planned meals for the day, and let the weigh-in chips fall where they may. I do plan, though, on weighing myself right before I leave, with my clothes on, so that I can get a closer approximation of the difference between our two scales, just to help me when I’m at home to get reading on par with the meeting scale.

So, wish me luck, hopefully I’ll get a sticker, and I’m quickly learning that my meat portion is much different than a healthy meat portion, but that’s a post that will continue, probably, many times as I continue posting.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!

This is the Right Amount of Food, Right?

As the weekend was going along, and I’m still doing well in counting how many points I’m eating with my generally being under my allotted points for the day (although Saturday turned a little rough with a couple of cocktails), the underlying theme that kept entering my head was that in the end, the first key to unlocking this being overweight thing has got to be a mental change in how much food is the right amount to eat. Yes, I know exercise would help in allowing me to each larger portions, but there is that mental block, when I put a piece of steak on my plate or piece of chicken, that what I’m eating is the right amount. You see, when I’m eating a steak, I’m used to a full-blown porterhouse steak, usually about one pound, taking up the entire plate, but when you end up with only about 4 to 6 ounces on a plate, the size difference is immense.  I’m doing better, though, especially because other things have a serving size that almost seems like too much (Kraft Parmesan Cheese for example), and in the end, when I’m done with a meal, I do feel satisfied, so I know, once that “This is the right amount of food” switch finally stays in the “on” position, this weight-loss thing will be a little bit easier. For now, though, that correct portion of meat still just looks so small.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!

A Treadmill for the Kitchen?

Yesterday’s meal making woes didn’t propagate into today, mostly because lunch today is the same as yesterday, and I kept Milo around the kitchen so he wouldn’t keep barking at me. It still took a little too long, about 30 minutes to put everything together and get things entered into my tracking app, and the other problem is that as it was a redundant day, and I didn’t have to think too much about “Is this one point or two?”, “Should I give myself a little more turkey than my wife for our sandwiches?”, “I wish Milo would stop barking at me,” so I had about 25 minutes to keep thinking I could better use the 30 minutes it was taking to put lunch together to do other healthy things, like take Milo for a walk or actually hop on my exercise bike.

With weird thoughts of exercising entering my head, I also started to wonder about odd things, like if you could somehow rig a treadmill into the kitchen so that you could get a decent walk while you are cutting carrots and celery? Sure, it sounds stupid, and I suppose you could just walk in place, and I also suppose if you slipped on the treadmill portion that having sharp objects in your hands might not be a good idea, but I was thinking about talk of a treadputer I read about years ago, and as I am wont to multitask sometimes, somehow getting a decent workout while making lunch seemed like a good idea. Sure, nothing will probably come of it, mostly just walking in place so I can add some steps on my Fitbit, but it’s always a start.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!

The Need for Efficiency

So this morning was day 2 of trying out a new system, and even though I’m sure this part of tracking things will get easier, taking over half an hour to make lunch is just too long especially when it is simply a turkey sandwich with tomato and spinach, some yogurt, a snack of celery and carrots, and a sliced apple. There was the cutting of celery, slicing of tomato, weighing of turkey breast, and scanning a lot of bar codes only to find the app didn’t have half of the foods in its database, and for one of the items it had the wrong information so I still had to enter the information to figure out how much I was allowed to eat. Thank God I bought the bag of carrots so all I had to do was weigh them.  Between it all I was out of bed at about 4:15 this morning, and it was nearly 5 o’clock before the lunches were all ready to go – that’s too long, and it doesn’t even count making breakfast.

And it doesn’t count Milo, our dog, continuing to bark from the upstairs every time I made a noise in the kitchen.

So yes, I’m grumpy this morning, it’s only day 2, but I know this will get easier (I hope), and I know I have to be in this for the long haul if I really want to get to where I want this body to be.

This is my weight loss plan… Get your own!